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Government Of Assam Majuli District

PWD Building


    The Public Works Department is a Government Department that is responsible for Buildings, Roads and Railways. The Public Works Department was originally implemented in 1854 by Indian Governor General Lord Dalhousie. It has mainly two wings i.e. Building & National Highway and Roads which headed by two Commissioners & Special Secretary. Each wings, there are four departments headed by one Chief Engineer in each department. Building Department of PWD is mainly entrusted with construction and maintenance of Government buildings. The department also acts as a technical advisor to the State Government.


    Public Works Department has a glorious history in the State. The Public Works Department (Bldg. & NH) is engaged in Planning, designing, construction and maintenance of Government assents in the field of built environment and infrastructure development. Building Department works with vision to ensure planned development of towns and villages into livable, economically vibrant and productive, sustainable and efficient entities with provision of adequate durable public infrastructure and amenities for all sections of society and bringing out efficiency in service delivery mechanisms.


    1. SOPD: The Annual Plan – State Owned Priority Development Schemes is a component of the erstwhile Plan allocation. Priority works not falling under the purview of the externally aided projects have normally been taken up under this component of the erstwhile Plan allocation. At present, the ongoing works are being implemented under SOPD.

    2. UNTIED FUND: Untied Fund is being placed at the disposal of every district/Sub-Division with a view to providing the Sub-Divisional Planning & Development Committee a certain measure of financial freedom and to encourage them to plan some schemes in their discretion. This is an earmarked fund for the purpose of encouraging Local Level Planning. The schemes under untied fund should be of local nature. It is desirable that such schemes help either production or employment generation or both.


    1. Construction of Integrated Office -cum- Residential Building in MAJULI, Assam.
    2. Construction of Godown/ Warehouse for proper storage EVM's and VVPATs in the 50 election district of Assam for the year 2017-18 Group- D (DEO Majuli).
    3. Construction of Approach Road, internal road path & Drain at Circuit House, Majuli in Majuli District.
    4. Construction of residential quarter of Circle Officer at Kamalabari, Majuli.
    5. Infrastructure upgradation of DC Establishment, Majuli.
    6. Construction of Auditorium cum Cultural Complex/ Centre at Jengraimukh, Majuli under Infrastructure Development Scheme
    7. Modification of Sub-Divisional Library, Majuli
    8. Construction of PWD Inspection Bunglow at Garamur Majuli in Jorhat District under Annual Plan for the year 2015-16
    9. Construction of Office Hall (A/Type) in the Office complex of the Majuli Building Sub-Division at Garamur in Majuli District
    10. Renovation of Existing I.B at Garamur, Majuli (Additional works with one Assam type Driver/ Chowkidar shed)
    11. Opening of Post Graduate Classes at Majuli College under SOPD-(G) during the year 2017-18
    12. Augmentation of existing infrastructure in Auniati Hem Chandra High School, Majuli
    13. Development of sports complex at Jengraimukh at Majuli, Majuli LAC under Majuli District under Signature Project for the year 2018-19
    14. Stadium Building and Stadium Gallery at Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex at Kamalabari, Majuli
    15. Construction of Training Institute for Grade-III and Grade-IV staffs of the Government of Assam at Majuli
    16. Construction of workshop building at ITI,Bongaon, Majuli
    17. Upgradation of D.C establishment under Untied fund
    18. Employees Hostel under Untied fund
    19. Majuli Bhawan at Jorhat under Untied fund
    20. Infrastructure Development of Majuli Police under Untied fund
    21. Auditorium at Majuli under Untied fund
    22. Construction of DTO office/ Secretary RTA at Majuli
    23. Planetarium and Science Centre at Majuli
    24. Construction of Proposed Polytechnics at Majuli
    25. Proposed Majuli University of Culture
    26. New Circuit Houses in Majuli
    27. Setting up of Museum at Dakhinpat Satra